Tasks 1-3, week 3

Setting up the blog was unproblematic, or perhaps I should say “is unproblematic so far”. I will experiment with the layout, widgets and display later on.

I use a computer a lot. I’m not sure that intuitive is the same for me as for my grandparents – but for me, well, I have not needed to seek out a help file or advice from anyone, and so far haven’t had to think twice about how to achieve what I want – customisation will be a bit trickier of course, and working out things like ‘categories’ versus ‘tags’, well, I had to test it and see. Overall, I’d give WordPress an “Easy” – particularly in light of the advanced features it seems to offer.

Familiarity with modern web-mail services OR Microsoft word/equivalents AND the terminology of blogging/web 2.0 (‘post’, ‘comment’, ‘tag’)  goes a long way. My grandparents couldn’t use this – my mum could. Actually on second thoughts, I’d say “It’s got a pretty obvious User Interface (UI) to anyone who has used the aforementioned products.

I haven’t used WordPress before, but for some time I maintained a livejournal and while I never explored the advanced aspects of it – frankly all I wanted out of it technically was a textbox, the ability to add links and embed photos – and more importantly, the ability to link directly with so many of my friends, and have an easy network to socialise in… I think ‘paid LJ’ might offer more features, and I’m sure even ‘free LJ’ had more options than I wanted to use, but it hasn’t gone down the widgets path – it’s still about posts and comments (and, in recent years, tags)

If I were undertaking this blog for myself as a publishing project I would use WordPress rather than livejournal – the name is more neutral (press, for publishing, not journal, for personal records), and the existing blogs cross such a variety of content that hopefully the same stereotypes are not present-before-even-adding-content.

As for the CiteULike – well, I’m a bit concerned that ‘all the good ones are already taken’! I was pretty satisfied with one article that I turned up today, but since it’s two years old, well, it’s there already. I’ll have to look harder or restrict my search to recent publications I think – or establish an essay topic and start finding specialised content.

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