Is scientific publishing about to be disrupted?

Plagiarism disclaimer here: Summarizing the content of for academic purposes.

Scientific publishing is dying – or changing…it’s up to you.

Scientific publishing is in the early days of a major disruption, just like music, minicomputers, and newspapers have or will experienced.

What can we do about it?

Become more like Amazon, Netflix, Google. Share some knowledge and sell others. Make TOOLS for content sharing – don’t stick with the ‘pdf paper replica’ model – let people share their science more easily than by email. Peer-review blog posts! and get technology minded people to design these things – not editors.  There’s opportunities everywhere-  but scientific publishing in its current form is doomed.


(assume there’s a whole bunch of content I spent 20 minutes writing and then inserted an unremovable ‘more’ tag over the top of, assuming it would be like a ‘read more behind this link’ thing. >< Also, the so called more tag doesn’t do anything or display anyway.

Whatever you try may not work but if you don’t try the industry will be gone anyway – to your competitors.

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