Task 7: Photo editing

The task seemed straightforward, but I experienced a few issues.

At step 7 (remove blue tinge) Photoshop crashed on two attempts. So the image still has a blue tint – not going there again.

Step 9: sleep1.bmp =844kb,    sleep2.bmp = 476kb

10: jpeg =26kb, gif = 79kb   – the gif is spottier (guess because it’s trying to ‘match’ the colours by hybridising – chucking black spots in to make it darker, that sort of thing – but the jpeg seems fuzzier .

12: Compressing jpegs: The sweet spot for ok clarity and smallest size is somewhere between compression factor 30 and 50 – 50 is unacceptably pixellated (and don’t even ask about 80 or 100), 30 looks fine. Given the

size doesn’t decrease substantially for anything greater than 50, I can’t see any point in those compression factors (at least for the quality of image we started with). Image sizes for 20 (default) 30,50,80, 100 compression were respectively 26,16,9,7,7 kb. Realistically anything below 50kb is going to load quickly (assuming a better-than-dialup connection). You might bother using 30-35% if you expect to be publishing to an audience on dialup or mobile data.

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