My ‘book”
Comments on process of making the lulu book:

Interesting that it will link in with facebook, flickr, etc – even more people after my facebook account details! Will the apps never stop?
Also given that my facebook uploads are required to be limited quality I am a bit dubious about how good the resultant printed book would be if you just went with facebook pics. I am unwilling to sacrifice my FB privacy for this, but I wonder if I could upload and sell any photos I am tagged in, for example, or only ones I’ve uploaded myself.
It’s a lot easier to use than I expected – intuitive controls.

Comments on the business model:

I attempted to edit the price of my calendar and discovered that as well as charging you a minimum cost (presumably to cover costs and reasonable profits) they also take a cut of your personal profits- if you add a dollar to the cost you don’t receive a dollar on purchase! Not surprising I suppose. The ability to provide ISBNs (at a cost) is an interesting use of specialised knowledge (I wouldn’t know how to apply for an ISBN – although I daresay I could work it out) – and for some people it might be enough to show their friends “hey I wrote a book it’s on Amazon you should buy it”.  Also providing editorial access and packages make it seem easy – if all you’ve ever wanted is to publish your book, and you KNOW it’s awesome, then why not blow $500 putting it to the test.

I am a bit confused about the difference between a Lulu ISBN and a non-lulu ISBN – unless the first just denotes Lulu as the publisher – guess I’ve never learned to interpret ISBNs beyond the country codes.

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