That’s it?

We now know enough to go create our own mini-publishing company and take over the world pass the subject. Right?  The next month or so will be….interesting.

I made my blog look shiny last week and experimented with a few of the more basic widgets – I could link it to twitter like rombloggy but then you’d just be subjected to even more football spam…I retweet more than I tweet.

Oh, the CiteULike thing – here goes Brown, John Seely, “Storytelling in Organizations”Boston : Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005. 0750678208
A fascinating approach to using communication in the business world – not only how to communicate it, but the best way to persuade and influence an audience.  Tags: internal communication, storytelling, content creation, influence

Inside the Enterprise, Up the Next Hill
Marcia Conner. T + D. Alexandria: Oct 2009. Vol. 63, Iss. 10; pg. 21, 3 pgs
This provides a few justifications for introducing social technologies into the workplace – of particular interest are specific examples of how micropublishing/microblogging can enrich a simple meeting or provide live feedback to presenters and the rest of the audience.
Tags : social networking, social media, training

Cheuk, B (2009), Intranet 2.0 – increasing global dialogue at ERM,  SCM 13:6 pp 24-27
An awesome article about breaking down boundaries in a particular global company by allowing direct anonymous moderated or named and non-moderated contact with the company’s CEO – and then republishing the chat for absent employees, and allowing ongoing discussion in a forum.
communication, forum, chat, CEO Jam

Conference paper at CHI2009 –  Makice, K. (2009) Phatics and the design of community,   CHI 2009, April 4-9, 2009, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
So – what the hell are phatics? Phatics are the bits of language that are meaningless but actually really important. What? Phatics are SOCIAL GLUE. Things like saying ‘hi’ when you first approach someone – or ‘how are you?’ when you don’t really care. They create community. How much do we lose publishing content electronically instead of communicating face to face?
phatics, linguistics, social connections, networking, community

How social networking increases collaboration at IBM
Hathi, Sona. Strategic Communication Management. Chicago: Dec 2009/Jan 2010. Vol. 14, Iss. 1; pg. 32, 4 pgs
This is the most exciting business homepage I can imagine. It’s for employees – so it’s not full of marketing crap – it’s interactive, customizable, has so much information on it – potentially – but is under control… because IBM is so big they can harness the power of their employees to meaningfully tag all sorts of things, including each other. They’ve got so many awesome ways to harness the power of many – including an ‘ebay for ideas’. Just read the article – so exciting.
social networking, web publishing, rss, ibm, community, staff directory

I’m feeling a little concerned that I’m getting off the e-publishing wagon in my hunt for improved social connectivity at work. I’m enjoying the content of my essay – I just hope it proves relevant enough. I get a bit excited about the different ways to build on and create online communities – after all, that’s where I live half my life, even if it’s the boring world of Facebook these days rather than the poetry community I was involved in for a few years, or one of several WoW guilds, or the Discworld MUD… so many worlds I’ve lived in – and even outside online worlds, the seeds of my marriage were online… ICQ random chat, who’d have thought it 11 years later. I hated football then!

XML looks complicated but it’s so so so powerful!

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