This blog was created for the purposes of mandatory task reporting for an electronic publishing subject.

I’m crazy, working full time and studying, even if it is a ‘whole one subject’, I’m seriously missing my whole-day-at-home-to-concentrate times of studying past.

I’m a little obsessed with football, except that it’s suddenly gone pearshaped in this horrible year of 2010, probably the year of the Pie. Not that the

Isn't he awesome?
Sian and Chapman at the All Australian – I hijacked him on his way to the red carpet.

alternative is much better.


I have a beautiful burmese named Heidegger, and am contemplating adding a second cat to the household.

Heidegger is, by necessity, also a cats supporter.


2 Responses to About

  1. Rad blog, lady! I love the cat pictures too!

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